Not-for-Profit Coverage

Every dollar counts for a not-for-profit organization. The bottom line matters. Your organization’s success has a direct impact on the recipients of your services and the well-being of your employees and volunteers. That’s why you carefully consider every investment and expenditure. Read More...

Employment Practices Liability: Often Overlooked

21% of the executives who responded felt that an EPL lawsuit would cause the most financial damage to their company. However, 61% of private company decision makers are concerned about a lawsuit for wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment or retaliation. Read More...

You Don't Need to Be Big to Have D&O Liability

D&O insurance protects Directors and Officers from personal loss due to their actions in their corporate role. Many entrepreneurs are unaware of their personal liability when operating their companies. D&O liability lawsuits against private company boards can have many sources. Read More...

Welcome to the World of CyberLiability

Few companies purchase cyber liability insurance. In fact, 94% of survey respondents do not purchase cyber liability insurance. However, 31% of executives interviewed are concerned about breaches of privacy loss, including customer or employee information. Read More...

In the News

Chubb Insurance Company of Canada releases highlights of the 2013 Private Company Survey

A new survey reveals that many private companies may not be purchasing the most appropriate insurance, or not purchasing insurance at all, to transfer... More >

Laptop Stolen from Employee's Home Leads to Security Breach and $1 Million in Expenses

An employee of a consulting firm had a business laptop stolen from his personal residence. The laptop, which was unecrypted and failed to contain password... More >

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CyberSecurity Insurance

"It doesn’t matter if it is a hacker, system glitch, or employee error. Sensitive information gets exposed and you can be hugely...
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